Founded in the summer of 2018 by Dawn Frary, IC Death Midwife seeks to provide compassionate and holistic alternative death care in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids corridor while empowering clients to craft the death they desire.

While the “IC” in IC Death Midwife technically refers to Iowa City, it’s difficult to ignore the double meaning:


IC | I see.
I see death. I acknowledge it as a part of life.


What is a Death Midwife?

Death Midwifery is a multifaceted sacred practice that has been around as long as death itself.

Before the professionalization of the modern American funeral industry, death care was provided in the home, often by women. These caregivers bathed and prepared the body, created and held sacred space, and performed home funeral ceremonies and rituals honoring their beloved dead.


Today, Death Midwives are working to reclaim these traditional folkways.


Death Midwives (also referred to as Death Doulas, End-of-Live Doulas, Soul Midwives, Thanadoulas, etc.) provide a holistic approach to death care, educate the public about alternative options to what we now consider “the norm” when it comes to death, funerals, and body disposition, offer gentle guidance regarding the many ways to navigate the threshold between this world and the next, and, most of all, provide clients with a meaningful and reverent end-of-life experience.

Death Midwives are not medically trained, nor do we serve the same purpose as funeral directors. We exist alongside these professions in order to fill the gaps. We straddle the threshold between this life and the next, serving as companions, advocates, escorts, and guides.

About Dawn

After several years of researching the field of Death Midwifery and searching for the right course, I received certification as a Death Midwife in June 2018 through Earth Traditions, a Pagan ministry based in Illinois.

For most of my life I have been intrigued and awed by death, by the spiritual, ceremonial, and ritualistic practices surrounding death. As a dedicated steward of nature, I am also interested in the the environmental and economic aspects of our modern funerary practices, which for many reasons are verging on becoming unsustainable and are badly in need of reform.

In addition to being a certified Death Midwife, I am also a certified Reiki Master Teacher, ordained minister (non-religious, non-denominational; spiritual rather than religious), and tarot practitioner. My personal beliefs and practices are nature-based and built upon the foundation of honoring all aspects of nature and our natural cycles (the moon, the seasons).

I’ve spent the last two years studying ancient funeral and burial customs, death lore and superstitions, and cemetery symbolism through local continuing education programs. I hope to receive certification as a Thanatologist and often dream about buying a plot of pristine woodland to start a nature preserve and green burial cemetery.


IC Death Midwife is also available for speaking engagements, informational talks, and lectures on topics regarding death, dying, and the afterlife.


Services are available in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids corridor and surrounding areas.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please email hello {at} icdeathmidwife {dot} com or by using the form below.